Paris 2024 Opportunities

Olympic Games Paris 2024 are fast approaching. CBC Radio-Canada wants to share our plans with you, our potential partners, in order to produce world-class coverage.

  • Days
  • Hours
  • Minutes
  • Seconds
9.5M Spectators
10,500 Athletes
Youth Focused
  • Breaking
  • Sport Climbing
  • Surfing
  • BMX Freestyle
  • Skateboarding
  • 3X3 Basketball
  • Integrate
  • Integrate
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Integrate into
our platforms

The Olympic Games on CBC Radio-Canada present a unique opportunity for brands to increase the impact of their ad campaigns through strategic integration of partnership content. Our creative agency approach creates 360° content solutions to capitalize on CBC’s national reach across broadcast, digital and social platforms.

We tell stories that resonate with Canadians. And we work with partners in different ways to help them connect with their target audience.

Partnership Content

campaigns offer a fully invested brand access to our entire Olympic network for custom messaging, brand integration and activation.

Sponsored Content

helps brands to focus on a specific platform, single language or to partner in the content space when they do not have Olympic campaigns of their own.

Naming and Titling

models provide category ownership and association to our coverage when a brand’s objectives are best achieved through segment, sport, show or studio exposure.


Produced features are the cornerstone of our Olympic Games coverage. They are effective in Partner, Sponsored or Titled content integration. When a brand, its message, or shared attributes are showcased in a feature content series there is an increase in awareness and affinity. Each series is customized with a set of branded assets designed to meet partner goals.

Digital &
Social Media

Optimized for maximum impact, our customized digital experiences engage and captivate, creating bespoke digital and social content that showcases your brand and connects audiences to the stories we are telling together.

These campaigns are tailored specifically for each platform, driving growth and achieving your KPIs to reach your campaign goals.

Past examples are not contractual, exact implementation parameters may vary slightly for Paris 2024.

Custom Digital

'Visa 2022'


'Toyota 2023'

List of all content integration opportunities

In addition to the opportunities outlined above, there are many proven and developing ways to integrate into CBC Radio-Canada’s award winning Olympic coverage.

  • Presenting Sponsorship of a specific sport or event
  • Stories, headlines, results based Update Desk segment
  • In-Games highlight or sport replay package
  • Expert studio analysis segment
  • Graphic based Info content
  • Data and results based feature or segment
  • Personality specific content (star panel or special guests)
  • Digital content or Feature series
  • Original digital programs (Extra Hour, Social Stadium)
  • Travel and culture content
  • Music and performance content
  • In-Games real-time content (fan reaction, in-venue experience)
  • Advertise
  • Advertise
  • Advertise
  • Advertise

Side by Side

Introduced by the IOC in the recent quadrennial, commercial side-by-sides were previously restricted in size, format and frequency. New for Paris 2024, the IOC guidelines have been relaxed to allow CBC Radio-Canada and our partners more flexibility to create a customized commercial opportunity of premium value to brands.


Familiar in North American sports broadcasting, Squeeze Backs allow branding and messaging a share of screen without obscuring the 16x9 format of the live camera coverage. The previously restrictive IOC Squeeze Back guidelines have been relaxed for Paris 2024 in order for CBC Radio-Canada and our partners to work more closely within live coverage.

Social Ads

CBC Radio-Canada offers a comprehensive suite of amplified programs, providing brands with an opportunity to reach a vast audience beyond CBC's organic fans and followers. By leveraging paid social media content, including sponsored posts, in-feed ads on TikTok, promoted tweets, boosted Facebook posts, and promoted Instagram stories, brands can maximize their visibility and extend their reach across social media platforms. This approach allows brands to target specific demographics or interests, connecting with potential customers and followers, making it a powerful way to drive brand awareness and engagement.

More ways
to advertise

  • Broadcast
    :15s, :30s & :60s
    Custom creative
  • Digital
    Standard and premium
    display ad units
    Daily homepage
    Native ad

Achieve Stronger Results

Brands that leverage content integration in conjunction with commercial brandsell have the ability to boost their market recognition and increase the likelihood to buy.

Research conducted by IMI pre/post Olympic games, indicates that a combination of brandsell and content integration on CBC platforms produced greater results in the areas of brand recognition and consideration when compared to brandsell only.

Increase in
likelihood to
purchase from a
specific brand
Increase in unaided
brand recognition
  • Our Work
  • Our Work
  • Our Work
  • Our Work

For a decade now, CBC Radio-Canada’s production team has been leading the way in comprehensive, multi-platform content campaigns. Each edition of the Olympic Games since Sochi 2014, we refine our content strategy to seek the perfect complement to our world class live Olympic Games coverage. From concept to execution, we excel in creating broadcast, digital and social experiences that meet the needs of a changing audience. Our purpose-driven approach and proven strategy have earned the trust of a wide range of motivated partners.

Each Games cycle we develop a higher standard in our content campaigns. We are proud to showcase some of our recent partnership work in a case study format. We thank these valued partners for allowing their work with us to be included.

Check out some of our campaign
case studies below:

  • Case studies here
  • Case studies here
  • Case studies here
  • Case studies here
  • Case studies here
  • Case studies here
  • Our Team
  • Our Team
  • Our Team
  • Our Team
  • Senior Olympic Leadership Team

    • Chris Wilson General Manager, CBC/Radio-Canada Olympics & Executive Director, CBC Sports
    • Francois Messier Assistant General Manager, CBC/Radio-Canada Olympics & Executive Director, R-C Sports
    • Hisham Ghostine General Manager & Chief Revenue Officer, Media Solutions
    • Chantal Pipon Senior Director, Olympic Finance & CBC Sports
  • Olympic Sales & Marketing Team

    • Lise Gott Associate Director, Partnership Marketing - CBC Sports & Olympics
    • Guillaume Gobin Manager Partnership Marketing - CBC Sports & Olympics
    • Marsha-Gaye Knight Manager Partnership Marketing - CBC Sports & Olympics
    • Alessia Loponte Manager Partnership Marketing - CBC Sports & Olympics
    • Kirsten Ohanian Manager Partnership Marketing - CBC Sports & Olympics
    • Michael Miller Senior Manager, Sales - CBC Sports & Olympics
    • Wayne Knich Integrated Account Lead - CBC Sports & Olympics
    • Graeme Mackrell Integrated Account Lead - CBC Sports & Olympics
    • Ryan Matier Integrated Account Lead - CBC Sports & Olympics
    • Jean-Charles Rocha Senior Advisor, Strategic Initiatives & Olympic Games. CBC/Radio-Canada Solutions Média
  • Partnership Content Leads

    • Chantal Léveillé Rédactrice en chef R-C & Olympics
    • Amanda York Senior Producer, Digital CBC Sports & Olympics
    • Dale Wilson Senior Producer, Athlete Content, CBC Sports & Olympics
    • Brittany Maclean Athlete & NSO Relations, CBC Sports & Olympics
  • Executive Olympic Programming Team

    • Sherali Najak Executive Producer, Broadcast CBC Olympics
    • Catherine Dupont Première directrice, Sports & Production olympique, R-C
    • Luc Lebel Executive Producer, Broadcast R-C Olympics
    • Mathieu D’Amour Executive Producer, Digital R-C
    • Ryan Johnson Executive Producer, Digital CBC
    • Monika Platek Senior Producer - Content and Publishing, CBC Sports & CBC Olympics
    • Steve Macht Senior Manager, Digital Products CBC
    • Pierre Michaud Senior Manager, Digital Products R-C
  • Revenue Optimization Team

    • Andrea Laton Senior Director, Strategic Operations
    • Robin Mrowka Director, Revenue Optimization, English Services
    • Stephanie Longtin Director, Revenue Optimization. French Services
    • Jeff Phaneuf Associate Director, Revenue Optimization
    • Chris Stewart Senior Analyst, Revenue Optimization
    • Nathalie Beaudoin Manager, Revenue Optimization
    • Catherine Gingras Analyst, Revenue Optimization
    • Julie Kerr Senior Director, Digital Ad Product & Revenue Management
    • Kim O'Keefe Director, Digital Revenue Operations & Product Innovation
    • Negina Shunbuli Senior Analyst, Digital Revenue Operations